Bicep Tendonitis

This condition is Inflammation of the tendon that connects either to the elbow or the shoulder due to overuse which causes pain when bending the arm against resistance.
Massage can loosen the bicep muscles and the tendon, aiding recovery, reducing inflammation and pain.

Tennis Elbow

This condition is when there is pain radiating on the outside part of the elbow. This pain may move up or down the arm and can cause weakness in the wrist and hand. This is due to an inflamed tendon of a muscles connected to the elbow joint.
Despite the name this condition is very common and is often due to repetitive strain and work related overuse, i.e. computer work.
Massage of the forearm muscles and tendons can reduce inflammation, reducing pain and speeding up full recovery from the injury.

Golfers Elbow

Golfers Elbow is the same condition as tennis elbow but refers to the pain and inflamed tendons on the inside of the elbow. This tends to occur from turning of the wrist actions and also when there is resistance against the palm of the hand, i.e. push ups.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

CPS is a painful aching in the wrist. It is often associated with weakness in the hand and a tingling or numbness sensation in the fingers (though not the little finger). It is where the radial nerve passing through the wrist joint is compressed and can occur after an injury or due to repetitive strain syndrome.
Massage of the forearm, hand and fingers can improve muscle tone and circulation. It can also help in stimulating the nerves, and along with mobilisation techniques to loosen and free the wrist joint, regular massage can help in speeding up recovery time of this injury.