Sprained Ankle

Spraining the ankle is an easy thing to do and very common.  Often occurs from the sudden twisting or rolling of the ankle causing damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles.
In the early stages of an ankle sprain, swelling and bruising may occur.
Very gentle massage to drain lymphatic fluid build-up is can be great in relieving pain.  Once the swelling has gone down massage of the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons can generate the healing process, speeding up recovery and reducing pain.  Along with strengthening and stability exercises, full mobility of the ankle can be achieved.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is pain that radiates along the arch of the foot normally starting at the heel.  The pain can be anything from a light aching to very sharp pain depending on severity.  This is caused by overstretching of the tendon along bottom of foot and it becomes inflamed causing pain.
Massage of the foot, heel and lower leg can reduce these tensions, and decrease inflammation of the tendon which along with rest can result in a full recovery.