Cricked neck (Hold i nakken)

This tends to be a soft tissue problem where one of the neck muscles has gone into spasm.  This can be from a trauma, long hours in front of the computer, sudden movement or even sleeping wrong.
Working with all the muscles in the neck and upper back using massage, trigger point therapy and mobilisations can help remove the spasm allowing the muscles to release and relax removing the spasm and pain.

Myofascial Pain

Neck pain resulting from poor posture of weakness in the neck muscle can result in sore trigger points making the neck painful to move or touch.  Hard knots form and if the condition becomes chronic can result in severe neck pain and headaches.
Thorough massage of all the neck muscles, mobilisations and trigger point therapy can loosen the muscles, release the knots and reduce pain.


Resulting from a trauma where the head is thrown in a direction or several directions that jolt the neck beyond its normal range of movement, whiplash can be a slow recovery with severe neck pain.  Once an initial examination has ruled out disc or skeletal damage gentle massage of the neck, shoulders and back can aid is releasing the muscles, spasms and tension surrounding the injury resulting in lower pain and speeding up recovery.

Recommended length for massage – 30 or 45 minutes