Acute Back Pain

Sudden back pain is severe pain due to a bending or twisting movement. From lifting something heavy or awkward or falling over the back pain is immediate and has often sent the back muscles into spasm.
Gentle massage and trigger point therapy has great results is reducing the spasms and reducing muscle tension, allowing the muscles to relax back into their natural state.

Chronic Back Pain

Long term back pain tends to be more of a constant aching in the back rather than a sharp pain. This can occur over months or years due to a number of reasons. Often from poor posture, an earlier injury or weakened muscles this type of back pain can be very draining both mentally and physically. With regular deep tissue massage, the muscles can be relaxed, muscle tone improved and circulation increased. Along with improved mobilisation back pain doesn’t have to be an everyday pain that constantly affects your life.

Ruptured/Slipped Disc

Most common in the lower back, this condition is where the disc inbetween the vertebrae of the spine becomes weakened and herniates. Depending of the level of severity this can result in pressure on the spinal column and can cause pain in the back, hips and legs. With a clear medical diagnosis (doctor/physio/chiropractor), massage can aid healing by reducing spasms and muscle tension around the area of the slipped disc and along the paths of pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

This is the joint at the base of the back, and either side of the spine. This joint can often become stiff and there may be a sensation of being stuck. This can cause muscular pain of the back, hips and glutes, muscle spasms and inflammation of the surrounding ligaments.
Mobilisation techniques can free the joint and massage along with trigger point therapy can reduce these tensions, release spasms and reduce inflammation.