Frozen shoulder

Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis this condition is when the shoulder joint becomes stiff, painful and range of movement is restricted.  This can happen after an injury or slowly over time due to lack of movement.  It is also fairly common amongst Diabetes patients.
Deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and muscle stretching of all connective and soft tissue around the whole shoulder joint can help release the muscles, increase muscles tone and loosen the shoulder.  Mobilisations increase range of movement within the joint and while it can take months or maybe even years, consistent sports massage therapy can help in overcoming a frozen shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Strain
Muscle/Ligament Strain

Damage often occurs from overuse, creating strains and tears within the muscles that cup over the shoulder joint.  This can become very painful and even the slightest movement can cause a sharp pain in and around the shoulder joint and also down the arm.
A combination of massage, trigger point therapy can help by stimulating and releasing the muscles, increasing circulation which speeds up healing time of the shoulder.  Once pain and movement has improved, it is recommended to strengthen the surrounding muscles so full range of movement and stability can return to the shoulder.