Hamstring Strain

This is where a muscle on the upper back of the leg has been strained or pulled due to over stretching causing a sudden and sharp pain.  Massage can help in reducing inflammation and releasing tension in the muscles and tendons.  Muscle stretching techniques after a few days also helps in recovery time.

Quadriceps Strain

This is the same condition as above but occurring on the front of the upper leg in the quadriceps muscles.  Due to overuse or lack of warming up, the muscle can be strained causing a tear and inflammation.

Shin Splints

Pain in the lower front of the leg, along the sides of the shin bone, this condition can cause severe pain when walking or running.  This is where the lower leg bones have been overstressed (like running on hard surfaces).  This causes tightness in the lower leg muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding the shin bone.
Massage helps in reducing this inflammation, reducing the muscle tension and increasing circulation and muscle tone.

Jumpers Knee

Also known as Patellar Tendonitis, this is an injury from that result in pain just below the kneecap.
Sufferers tend to also have tightness in the quadriceps muscles that attach into the top of the knee.  Overuse and repetitive strain can create inflammation of the patella tendon.
Massage of the front leg muscles and friction techniques around the knee and tendons can reduce the inflammation and reduce levels of pain.